Most preppers don`t even consider stocking olive oil, because it goes bad faster than other alternatives. Indeed, an unopened bottle of olive oil can last up to four years, while an opened bottle may start getting rancid after only 90 days.

However, olive oil has a LOT more purposes than cooking, that most people have no idea about.

 I`m going to show you five ways you can use olive oil as a prepper, whether it`s around the household or when you bug out. Hopefully, you`ll see why olive oil is a great multi-purpose item that can save you a lot of money (and space) if used properly.

 #1: Body care

 Olive oil is an amazing 100% natural moisturizer, so you can use it as body lotion, hand cream and even as hair conditioner. If you bug out, you can use it for softening dry skin and help scratches heal faster.

Also, if it`s freezing outside, you can apply a light layer of olive oil on your hands, face and hair, to protect them from the cold.

 #2: Leather care

 If it`s good for you skin, then it`s good for your leather clothes, as well. Apply a thin layer of olive oil on your leather jacket to keep it in good condition. Do the same with your leather shoes. Olive oil helps them preserve their shine longer, saving you from spending money on new shoes.

Attention: Wipe the dust off your jacket or shoes before applying the oil!

 #3: Lubricant

 Why waste money on retail lubricant when you`ve already got some in the kitchen? If you`ve got some olive oil that`s past its expiration date, don`t throw it out. Use it on squeaking doors, on knife blades or any other metal object that needs a protective coat (or just some shine). It`s 100% natural, so it won`t attack metal. On contrary, it will protect it just like any other lubricant — only it`s much cheaper.

 #4: Olive oil survival candle

 This is probably the easiest DIY candle ever. I got this from GreatNorthernPrepper and I`ll share it with you, as well, because I found it very simple and useful.

 Here`s what you need:

 – Olive oil (it can be expired, makes no difference)

– Mason jar (ideally with handle)

– Wick (string, shoelaces, shirts strips, mop strands… anything that is cotton)

– Paperclip or ornament holder

Here`s what you`ll do:


  • Twist the metal wire  (ornament, paperclip, stray wire) to form a ‘hook” to hold onto the edge of the jar
  • Twist the metal wire into a semi-tight loop around the wick


  • Pour the Oil into the mason Jar, insert Wick into the oil


  • Make sure the wick is barely above the oil, about 1/4″


Here`s the step-by-step youtube video, in case you need visual aid:

Can you think of any other good reasons to keep olive oil stocked up?

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 8, 2013, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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