United States: US President Joe Biden alluded to the possibility of forgoing the imminent presidential elections should his Republican adversary, Donald Trump, abstain from seeking a second term. The President asserted that the Republicans posed a peril to the nation.

This declaration transpired during a 2024 electoral campaign fundraiser meticulously orchestrated in Weston, Massachusetts. The 81-year-old Democrat, in the midst of the campaign fervor, articulated, “Were Trump not a contender, my inclination to participate would be considerably uncertain. However, his triumph must be averted.”

Commending Liz Cheney, President Biden extolled the former Republican legislator for her ‘potent articulation.’ He underscored Cheney’s accuracy in proclaiming that the United States would be “somnambulating toward despotism” if Donald Trump secured a second term, as reported by AFP.

Additionally, President Biden referenced the Atlantic magazine, which expounded on the perils entailed by Donald Trump’s potential re-election. Noteworthy is the fact that the magazine becomes the third US media entity, alongside the Washington Post and New York Times, to issue such a cautionary notice about the former US President.

Biden Directs Criticism on Trump

US President Joe Biden (Left) and Former US President Donald Trump (Right) | Credits: Bloomberg

In a prior fundraising event in Boston, Biden took a swipe at Trump, censuring him for his unethical rhetoric on the campaign trail. The President rebuked his Republican adversary for branding his opponents as “vermin.” Biden emphasized that such language resonated with the discourse prevalent in Germany during the 1930s, a period marked by the ascent of Adolf Hitler’s Nazis.

According to AFP reports, Biden remarked, “Trump is no longer concealing his intentions. He is forthright about his objectives.”

The Biden-Trump Confrontation

Biden, who secured the presidency in the 2020 elections, consistently asserted his commitment to safeguarding America’s democracy in the forthcoming polls. However, recent polls indicate Trump leading the race despite facing legal challenges. Voters express apprehension primarily related to Biden’s age.

Trump’s Label for Biden: Dictator

Former US President Donald Trump labeled Biden a dictator, asserting, “Joe Biden is the true autocrat” within his Truth Social application.


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