New and Improved 2023 Model


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Level Up

A rugged tactical flashlight that has an extra kick! A Powerful One…

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Protection and Confidence

Protection and Confidence

The all-new StrikeForce Flashlight Stun Gun elevates your readiness. Constructed from the highest quality aviation titanium, this one is built to endure whatever lies ahead. Brighten up your path with confidence and protection.


Fully Equipped

Military Grade Construction

Always get it done right. The powerful long-lasting LED light will create a clear path ahead. This is built to last. It can withstand harsh climates and rough roads. A reliable piece of gear.

The +

A fierce electric shock with the push of a button. This one doesn’t play games. Designed to defend in sticky situations. You can be sure this one has your back.

Performance for the Overachiever

The StrikeForce Flashlight Stun Gun projects over 400 lumens, comes with a quality grade holster for your tac belt, can continuously run for 3 hours and…It can emit 100 electrical shocks in one charge.